Unit Pricing

5' x 10' unit


Great for boxed storage.  Will also fit a motorcycle, beds and furniture that is stood up

10' x 10' unit


Will fit around 2 rooms of household items

10' x 20' unit


About the size of a one car garage this unit will hold 3-5 rooms of household goods.  Also great for vehicle storage.

10' x 30' unit


Will hold all of an averaged sized homes goods.  Great for moving or when your in between permanent residences.  Also great for vehicle storage if you need some extra room around the vehicle.   

10' x 30' unit with electricity


Unit has lights and outlets inside.  Great for car/boat storage or if you will need to access the unit at night

10' x 40'


Great for moving larger homes.  Unit has doors on each end of the unit for greater accessibility to your belongings.  

RV/Commercial Storage

14' x 40'


Unit is 14ft wide and 40ft long with a 12ft by 15ft door.  Great for storing an entire homes contents, large trailers or multiple vehicles.  Door has an electric opener.  Both lights and outlets inside of the unit.  Large driveway allows for the turning radius of all trucks and trailers to get into and out of the units.

20' x 40'


Large unit that is 20ft wide and 40ft long with a door opening of 15ft high and 12ft wide.  Door has an electric opener.  Lights and outlets are also inside the unit.